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Every person is in a different stage of their health journey. Your unique symptoms require a customized, individual solution.

Acupuncturist doing pulse taking

Our Approach


At Orange County Acupuncture and Herbs, we start every patient-doctor relationship with a initial consultation visit that takes about 45 minutes.  During your first visit, we do an in-depth comprehensive holistic review of your health history to understand the etiology of your chief complaint. We start with going over your existing Western medical diagnosis, reviewing your labs and imaging to rule out exceptional cases. We then do due diligence with holistic questioning, tongue and pulse diagnosis, to analyze your pattern from the theories of Chinese medicine. After that, we do additional orthopedic and palpation based assessments by combining Eastern channel diagnosis and Western biomechanics assessment of fascia dysfunction.  After the consultation, a strategy and plan is proposed to set expectations for the treatment of your chief complaint.  

Follow-up treatments include a brief review of present symptoms with treatment and takes about 55 mins total.  During the treatment sessions, the acupuncturist will do a combination of acupuncture, moxibustion, fascia therapy with manual techniques (tuina) and tools (fire cupping, guasha), herbal consultation and prescription, and diet/lifestyle consultation.

We typically see our patient feel a significant shift in their complaints within 4 sessions, and feel 80-90% better within 10 sessions. For acute conditions, we may ask to see the patient more frequently during the week.  For chronic cases, patients will benefit most from regular weekly treatments with herbal prescriptions. After your first course of treatment plan is finished, and we have addressed your complaint satisfactorily, we recommend maintenance care on a monthly basis for consolidating progress, optimization and preventative care.

For complex syndromes involving internal dysfunction, it is important for patients to stay committed and compliant as much as possible to address evolving symptoms and to iteratively adjust treatments. This is an investment in your health, and we will do our best to provide you with the best care possible.  Our mutual success depends on our ability to work towards your health together.


What will you do to reduce dependence on drugs and a better quality of life?

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