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Customized Treatments for Your Health


Approximately one-in-five Americans suffer from chronic pain. Pain comes from injury, repetitive use, age related degeneration, treatment side-effects and other internal imbalances. 

Traditional Chinese medicine addresses pain in a holistic way, utilizing various modalities to address the source of pain over time. After Western imaging and assessments to rule out surgical needs, acupuncture and herbs offers a safe and natural alternative to relief pain by working to reduce inflammation, improve circulation, remove scar tissue and soft tissue adhesion and knots, treat internal imbalances, and down-regulate psycho-emotional factors that contribute to pain. It causes few side effects and can be a good complementary care to those who wish to reduce the need for drugs.


As a complete medical system for thousands of years, Chinese medicine offers a complementary alternative to improve health outcome of conventional treatments for a broad range of common internal medicine issues including digestive issues, immune related disharmony like chronic allergy, men's and women's health, sleep disorders and mental health. The holistic approach targets the overall pattern to address problems through eliminating unwanted symptoms in order according to classical theory. By taking a systemic view of the body's health and incorporating the contributing factors from mind, body and environment, Chinese medicine often is an effective option for people wishing to improve their quality of life in a natural way. 


As the old adage goes, "ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."  Chinese medicine places particular emphasis on preventative health, addressing problems before they worsen through encouraging behavioral changes and helping the body reach a balanced state via constant recalibration and adjustment. As a holistic medicine, it is well-suited to address mental emotional contributions to health, with the belief that reducing stress and increasing happiness are key foundations to a long life well-lived. By working with your practitioner, you'll gain insight into how your the patterns of your body can be adjusted through lifestyle and diet changes. You'll also learn more about how regular acupuncture treatments and herbal prescriptions can help you to stay optimized to adapt to life's ongoing changes. Our goal is to empower our patients to be in charge of their health and nurture a sustainable lifestyle.

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