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Helping to Relieve Chronic Symptoms


Chronic recurring symptoms like headaches, insomnia, stress/anxiety, menstrual irregularities, fibromyalgia, arthritis, digestive discomfort, are all signs of inflammation and underlying imbalances that can be managed naturally with acupuncture, herbs and behavioral changes.  Navigating all that is difficult to do alone, let us help you along your health journey.

Complementary holistic medicine improves healthcare outcome and patient wellbeing. We aim to be an advocate and resource for our patients and a collaborator throughout the healing process.  

Lori Hsu, LAc. standing next to her clinic's door.

Collaboration is Our Philosophy


We understand that the body is complex and each one is unique in its conditions. We don't rush our treatments and believe that healing takes place when you can be in a place that you feel rested and relaxed. While effective treatment takes many forms, we pride ourselves in creating a safe space that is positive for you and something that feels different than a doctor's office. We try to incorporate as much information in our diagnosis in each treatment, believing that we can deliver the best outcome when collaboration takes place. Which means we will work with you to maximize your conventional medical treatments, and try to fill in the gaps in a complementary way to improve your quality of life and manage pain and undesirable symptoms.


We understand that most people don't wish to be overloaded with pharmaceutical drugs and partake in unwanted surgeries, including doctors and nurses. We are all in the business of helping people live healthier and happier lives if we can figure out best ways to help our own bodies to heal better naturally and efficiently. Therefore, it is our philosophy to offer our services with as much authenticity to classical theories and traditions and integrating that with modern knowledge to deliver the best care for our patients. 

NOCC Chamber Talks featuring Lori Hsu,, LAc sharing what we do at Orange County Acupuncture and Herbs.

Dr. Lori Hsu, L.Ac., DAcHM

Doctor of Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine

Lori is passionate about bridging the gaps in conventional medicine with ancient medical theories and philosophies to help her patients live with less pain and inflammation.  

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