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Herbal Medicine

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Healing From Within

"Food is thy medicine" and "We are what we eat" are common sayings we have connecting what we take in to our health. Before the advent of modern food production and pharmaceutical drugs, many cultures employed the use of various herbs and food to better health. Adding herbal medicine to your healthcare is a choice to make mindful choices and to improve quality of life with natural herbal products and diet changes.

Chinese Herbal Medicine in Fullerton, California

A wooden table with various spices and Chinese herbs laid out in various dishes. Two pestle & morter bowls are in the middle to indicate its use with the rest of the table contents.

Our Approach


The benefits of herbal medicine as prescribed though Chinese theory is that it is holistic and consistent within its philosophical framework based on observations to nature. The herbs are selected to treat underlying imbalances that manifest as discomfort and undesired symptoms through the concepts such as clearing heat, releasing exterior, promoting urination, regulating bowel movements, improving circulation, replenishing deficiencies and calming the mind. The internal treatment achieved with herbal medicine is like cultivating the land. By reducing excess, removing obstructions and adding nutrients, our body has the proper resources and capabilities to heal from within.


Herbal medicine comes in various forms such as granule decoctions, patent pills, ointments, plasters and soaks. Depending on the ailment, the appropriate herbal prescription is made to assist patients with symptom relief and treatment.


Before we begin herbal prescription, we fully evaluate existing medication and supplements for interactions and educate our patients about the benefits and appropriateness of adding herbal medicine. Please feel free to inquire more for more information and see if it is suitable for your healthcare needs.

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