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Planning Your Visit


OC Acupuncture and Herbs offers individualized treatments that are custom tailored for your needs. We are one of the few practitioners in Southern California that integrates acupuncture with Fascia Manipulation framework for treatment and diagnosis.  For more information on FM/Stecco's method, please click link.

We are an inclusive medical space that has an ADA compliant bathroom and individual treatment rooms that is comfortable and clean. Our facility minimize the use of chemical cleaners and has its own compartmentalized air ventilation system that has UV sanitization to protect you from airborne microbes. We minimize the use of plastic in our packaging and offer herbs of the highest quality and meeting the safety standard.  

Due to our treatment methodology, our practitioners provide in-person medical care to properly address the issues each visit. Our expertise is in providing holistic medicine, we offer the full range of modalities available to us so we can deliver the best holistic care for our patients.


Just about everyone can benefit from acupuncture. Even for people without major health issues, acupuncture is a great way to manage stress and for general health maintenance to improve rest and rehabilitation. For people with chronic conditions, acupuncture and herbs can be good alternatives to manage side effects and stabilize diseases to reduce dependence on medication and improve quality of life.

Acupuncture is also suitable for post-stroke rehabilitation or others atrophy and muscle coordination related conditions as a modality to re-stimulate nerve activity and improve local circulation. However, successful outcome depend on the timeliness of getting treatment. The longer the wait time, usually it is less likely that acupuncture can make any difference.


We will work with you to bill your insurance if you do have out-of-network PPO benefits for acupuncture.  However, you are responsible for the payment until your deductible is met.  

Call the number on your insurance card to find out about your acupuncture benefits. Specifically ask them how much they will reimburse you if you work with an out-of-network acupuncturist. Should you have benefits our office will provide you a superbill for you to mail in and get direct reimbursement from your insurance.  Important to know that submitting a superbill comes with caveats, as you are releasing medical information that is protected by law and waiving your rights to privacy and confidentiality. They might use the diagnosis information to determine future rates or disallow treatment.  

We accept FSA/HSA cards.

To promote affordable access to care, for low-income patients with Medi-cal HMO plans or students, our policy is offer sliding scale up to 20% off on listed services, products and package pricing.


Mechanism of acupuncture are many, depending on where it is inserted, the technique and addition of electric stimulation or moxibustion. As with cupping and guasha, there are many theories as to the mechanism of action, depending on the usage and also the where the body is the time.


For example, if one has a fever, inserting needles near the head and shoulder area may helps reduce it. Inserting needles in the head and shoulder area might also help with relaxing muscle tightness around the area which then allows better blood flow and relieves stress. Electric stimulation around the head and shoulder area might reduce anxiety and relief depression. Moxibustion around the head might help with headaches and insomnia. Due to its varied effects and treatment techniques, it is difficult to simply explain how acupuncture works as a whole. But there are many studies and research into showing how acupuncture works for specific use cases. Here is a list of some known mechanisms under study:

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