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Restore Fascia Gliding and Fluidity

Fascia Manipulation near me

Fascia therapy is the concept that the fascia can be treated as a sensory organ due to new anatomical understandings surrounding its various innervation and role in coordinating movement and regulating autonomic functions in the body. It is largely based on new scientific research uncovered in the last 50 years, and suggests clinical applications in manual therapy and acupuncture to treat the fascia are effective for reducing myofascial pain and chronic inflammation.

At Orange County Acupuncture and Herbs, we are one of the few who combine this new scientific understanding of the body with classical acupuncture theories. 


Fascial Manipulation® (FM/aka Stecco Method) is a scientifically-validated manual therapy treatment technique developed by Stecco with its own theoretical framework and diagnostic system based on biomechanics of movement. It targets the dysfunction of the fascia layers through restoring fascia gliding and and fluidity, patients experience pain relief, improved range of motion, increased muscle strength and better coordination.  

The technique also can target internal diseases that have relationship with the stiffness of the fascia.  It is a framework for holistic treatment of the fascia that is complementary to acupuncture channels and Chinese medicine theory.

Fascia Manipulation in Fullerton
Fascia Manipulation Orange County

Manual therapy

Our Approach

Fascia is connective tissue that covers everything in the body, including muscles, bones, vessels and organs.  In recent years, it has been shown to be highly innervated with various types of nerves at different layers, with particular relevance to autonomic innervation.  It is made up primarily of collagen (a type of protein in skin and connective tissues), and it has multiple layers: superficial, deep and visceral.   When layers of fascia become stuck due to adhesions (surgery, scarring) or densification (injury, dehydration, immobility, inflammation), the free nerve endings in the fascia becomes entrapped, leading to poor signaling through the 3-D myofascial network.  This results in pain, poor coordination, restrictions in movement and also chronic inflammation.  Overtime, the body compensates even more as it tries to avoid pain and inflammation, leading to further complications in other areas of the body and even possibly lead to internal diseases that seem idiopathic to conventional medicine.

Coincidentally through scientific verification of commonly densified locations of the body, most of the treatment points of FM coincide with acupuncture points. Even though the theories behind the two methods are very different, it nonetheless suggest the role of fascia in explaining many therapeutic effects of acupuncture and related modalities of holistic medicine.

Our practitioner is trained to combine the FM method with classical acupuncture techniques, Chinese herbal medicine, and diet/lifestyle coaching to holistically deliver relief from myofascial pain and chronic inflammation.

After imaging and blood labs to rule out emergency cases, fascia therapy can be an effective natural treatment prior to long-term opioid prescription and surgical intervention.


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