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Tonify & Build


Moxibustion is the burning of moxa wool of the Mugwort herb over the acupuncture points. It is a technique that utilizes the unique thermal properties the mugwort herb to induce a tonification and warming effect to the body. According to Chinese medicine's yin and yang theory, one of the imbalances the body may present is the disharmony of heat distribution. Often times, the use of moxibustion is one of the modalities of thermal therapeutics that an acupuncturist employs to correct such imbalances. Other times, moxibustion is also used to support body's basal temperature and metabolic function. By warming specific points and regions on the body, it is believed that it can help correct internal imbalances, and also facilitate circulation, reduce inflammation, eliminate toxins and clear water retention.


Our Approach

Heat therapy is somewhat particular to Chinese medicine as we pay attention to protecting the body's yang energy as a part of health. Often by properly applying warmth to the right areas, the patient can experience a shift in their health condition.  Deciding when and where to apply heat treatment depends on a proper holistic diagnosis. Combined with warming herbs applied either topically or taken internally, the the use of moxibustion is an important complement to the actions of acupuncture. At our clinic, we use electric moxibustion as well as smokeless moxa charcoal to administer the treatment over select areas and points. 

Moxibustion is also one of the best methods for nurturing health and preventing disease. Regular moxibustion promotes proper circulation and metabolism and improves immunity. It can also help with chronic allergy and weak immunity. Please inquire with our practitioner to see if moxibustion is suitable for your health needs.

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