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Tui-Na, Guasha and Acupressure

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Calm within & Relieve Pain


Tuina literally is translated as "push and grab," and is the term used for Chinese therapeutic massage techniques developed over the centuries. It is similar to a blend of deep tissue massage and acupressure and has more of a medical application than typical massages for relaxation. Tuina is considered a treatment modality that facilitates blood circulation and releasing muscle tightness and other soft tissue concerns. Tuina manipulations often incorporate Chinese channel theory and is applied with particular techniques and along channels accordingly to deliver therapeutic relief.  


Guasha can be considered an extension of Tuina, as a form of manual therapy involving tools. Guasha is translated as "scrape petechiae" and is technique for using blunt tools to create micro-abrasions underneath the skin that manifest as petechiae as capillaries are broken. The micro-trauma caused through this process facilitates healing and reduces inflammation through releasing toxins and rebalancing the pH of the soft tissues. Using Guasha tools also allow the practitioner to provide local tissue massage to breakup scar tissues and muscle adhesion or to facilitate lymph drainage and improve overall circulation.

Acupressure is differentiated from typical massage in that it is applied over acupuncture points based on Chinese channel theory.  The points can be massaged according to channel direction and indication to address internal dysfunction and balancing.

Acupressure in Fullerton, Orange County


Our Approach

Our practitioners generally use Tuina and Guasha to help reduce stress, musculoskeletal tension and relief pain. Research has shown that it is beneficial for anxiety, digestive disorders, fibromyalgia, headaches, insomnia related to stress, soft tissue strain or sprains, injuries, numbness and other myofacial pain syndromes. It is also appropriate for those suffering from atrophy conditions post stroke or severe disease who are in need of extra rehabilitation support to improve circulation and movement. We also apply organic coconut oil infused with essential oils to deliver additional therapeutic effects depending on the condition treated.

Please inquire about channel based Tuina massage and guasha for pain management to see if it is suitable for your health condition.

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