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Fire Cupping

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Detox & Release


Cupping is a treatment modality that offers relaxation and pain relief differently than manual therapy or acupuncture. It works when negative pressure is created within the cups through either heating the inside of the cup, or through vacuum suction during placement on your skin.  This allows the toxins and blood stagnation to be pulled upward to the surface to be dispersed at the skin layer.  The body is better able to eliminate them and the healing process is accelerated.


Cupping marks that look like bruises form on your body and dissipate over 2-3 days. Darker marks tend to indicate chronic long term blood stagnation, and generally indicates to the practitioner that more cupping is needed to pull out toxins and dead tissues within. Successive treatments will see lighter and lighter marks, indicating that the stagnation and traumatic obstructions have been removed.

Fire Cupping in Fullerton, Orange County

A closeup of a Chinese Medicine practioner lighting up glass spheres to add to a patients back. They are essentially doing cupping on them.

Our Approach

We often offer cupping for patients who present with pain with tight muscles and knots. It is very commonly applied to upper and lower back pain and tightness, and can also be applied locally across shoulders and the buttock and thigh area. There are other uses, but those are the most common applications at our clinic. We tend to use fire cupping over the back to relieve tension and pain, and observe the cupping marks as a form of holistic diagnosis as well. Additionally, cupping with plastic cups combined with acupuncture allow for further manipulation and fascia release treatments. It is another way cupping can help to relieve pain by releasing various soft tissue knots at the fascial layer.

Depending on your pain condition, our practitioners will work with you to apply the appropriate treatment to help you heal from trauma and experience pain relief.

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