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Six Benefits of Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a natural holistic treatment that has many advantages

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You might be curious about acupuncture recently. Since the surfacing of the opioid crisis and now the COVID pandemic, most of us have been heavily researching on natural approaches to health. Here is a list of six benefits you might not be know about acupuncture:

1. Acupuncture has little or no serious side effects.

It is a safe, gentle and effective method of treatment for many common disorders. Very rarely, acupuncture can cause bruising that dissipate after a few days., But more often, patients report feeling relaxed and rested after the treatment, especially if they fall asleep during the session (aka "acu-nap").

2. Acupuncture can boost immunity by promoting restful sleep and stress relief.

Moxibustion used in conjunction with acupuncture have been used to build the body's strength and vitality for thousands of years. Acupuncture helps the body to regulate the resources needed to increase the body's defense mechanisms. During an infection, acupuncture can support the body's existing immune response, helping to build natural immunity properly.

Women opens arm towards the sun after acupuncture

3. Acupuncture is a natural drug alternative.

The opioid crisis have opened our eyes to the dangers of overprescription in drugs. Pain killers, sedatives and tranquilizers are commonly abused leading to another silent epidemic, especially amongst the elderly population. Often, the number of drugs and dosage increase over time, leaving many to depend on a poly-medicine cocktail to get through the day. If there are still lingering symptoms or side effects from drugs, an acupuncturist might be able to help address them. With time, it is possible to work on stabilizing the conditions. Acupuncture stimulates endogenous opioid production and reduces inflammatory response, leading to a reduced dependence on drugs and improvement in quality of life.

4. Acupuncture is a natural substitute for artificial endocrine regulation.

Long-term hormone replacement has also been shown to increase risk for cancer and osteoporosis. For women looking to reduce unwanted side effects and improve their gynecological health, acupuncture is a natural way to restore hormone balance, emotional stability, regulate menstrual cycle and improve fertility. Also, acupuncture, when combined with herbs, have been used successfully in the treatment of thyroid disfunction, diabetes, and PCOS.

5. Acupuncture could prevent unnecessary surgeries.

Surgical procedures, while effective, could leave the body with other complications that often surface after a few years. Unless the condition is life threatening, it is best to delay surgery for as long as possible until all options are exhausted. Not only will the technology and knowledge be better, the risk-reward profile of surgery improves. Surgery is irreversible. Often times patients come back to acupuncture post surgery to manage symptoms they had before surgery or something new that came up as a result of surgery. Before deciding to undergo surgery, check with your doctor first to see if there is time to try conservative methods like acupuncture to relieve symptoms naturally.

6. Acupuncture helps with mental emotional health.

Acupuncture is like non-meditator's meditation. As it can engage the hypothalamus-pituitary-axis to bring the body back to homeostasis, it is great for promoting rest, regulating stress, anxiety and other emotional imbalances. Acupuncture also supports healing from psychological trauma, especially as it complements conventional talk therapy to work out emotional blockages that are stored in the body. It offers a non drug alternative to regulate neurotransmitters to release endocrines for pain relief and emotional wellbeing. Combined with behavior modifications and lifestyle changes, acupuncture can help modulate the peaks and valleys of our emotions and allow us to fully engage with our reality with more clarity and confidence.

So that's a pretty good list of reasons to incorporate acupuncture into your self care regiment, wouldn't you say?

Our mission is to integrate ancient and modern Medicine to empower our patients to live better lives. We strive to provide the best acupuncture in Orange County, come check us out!


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