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Top Shorts for Comfortable and Effective Acupuncture Sessions

What to wear for your acupuncture treatment? Stretchy skorts for women and yoga shorts for men!

Have you ever gone to the acupuncture treatment session in your jeans and wish you dressed for the treatment better?

Stretchy shorts are perfect for acupuncture treatments
Stretchy sport shorts

Well, if you have hip and back pain, any pain involving lower extremities especially, you might consider buying a pair of stretchy shorts to help your acupuncturist during treatment.

Stretchy Shorts are Comfortable and Secure

Stretch shorts are soft and stretchy so they help you to relax in during acupuncture treatment. Since they are stretchy, they also help you move around in the treatment room or on the treatment table if you acupuncturist asks you to perform movement tests or need to position you for better needling.

Acupuncturist recommended!

I realized how time consuming and efficient my acupuncture treatments become when my patients dress appropriately for their sessions. We don't have to wait for them to get dressed/undressed, or to fumble with a draping cloth to cover up areas we don't need to work on.

Dressing appropriately for your sessions, help us access the right body segments only when we need to needle them, while providing respectful privacy between patient and acupuncturist to build trust while working near sensitive body areas.

Final Thoughts

You might to go to another event after an acupuncture treatment session and don't have time to change. You might feel too cold in shorts in the winter arriving in your shorts. Bring your shorts and ask to leave it at the clinic so that you don't have to carry it between sessions. It definitely beats draping with a gown with your underwear on!

For men, we recommend yoga shorts and women stretchy skorts!


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