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Acupuncture for Senior Care in Fullerton, Orange County

This month we share ways seniors in Fullerton can benefit from acupuncture, and sharing some additional information on behalf of, an online resource for senior care.

Seniors dancing

Seniors are living longer than ever. Life expectancy jumped by 10 years since 1960, and by 2060, it’s expected to rise from 79 to 85. In the last 10 years, the senior population has increased by and it’s expected to double from 49 million to 98 million by 2060. Older adults who live with age-related conditions face unique challenges when it comes to finding senior care providers and facilities that will provide for their needs. However, they also have more resources and options when it comes to funding and payment assistance. has created some free resource guides highlighting the best assisted living facilities nearby, and understanding the cost and ways to pay them.

Incorporating Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine for Senior Care

For seniors, good affordable healthcare is an important factor for better quality of life. Many suffer from chronic pain and chronic symptoms managed by a complex cocktail of medications that often get more and higher dosages over time. Others might want to avoid another surgery for their deteriorating joints, having replaced one and wanting keep existing ones working for as long as possible. Anxiety, sleep, digestive health, poor immunity, neuropathy and poor circulation are all common concerns that can be addressed quite effectively with regular acupuncture and herbal treatments and not more medications.

Many senior care can benefit from holistic pain management and a holistic medical review to assess if anything could be improved with acupuncture and herbs. If you would like to explore incorporating eastern holistic healthcare please feel free to contact us with your questions..


At Orange County Acupuncture and Herbs, we help to with chronic symptoms relieve pain so you feel reconnected to life by being able to do what you love.  
Come visit our Fullerton acupuncture clinic and schedule an appointment today.


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