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Providing Relief From Chronic Symptoms

Chinese Medicine items with a classical text, acupuncture needles, glass cups and herbs

Rebalance x Revive


Feel better naturally and revitalize your life with holistic Chinese medicine. When the mind and body is aligned and in a fully rested and relaxed state, that is when self healing mechanisms can function most optimally.  Read more about the services we offer at our clinic.

Come Visit Us


Locally owned and operating in Fullerton, we are an inclusive space for your general healthcare needs and for all stages of reproductive health. We are proud to be serving our community and offering them the best of what holistic Chinese medicine has to offer.

Acupuncture needling along the back
Acupuncturist assesing face down patient

Start Today


Journey of 10,000 miles start with a single step.  Does't matter when and how you start, as long as you make that first move. Find out how to live with less pain and achieve a better quality of life naturally with holistic medicine.

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