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Personalized Treatments

Start feeling better naturally.

Prices reflect payment at time services are rendered.  Please inquire for insurance schedule.

Inquire about discounts for students and seniors.

Initial Consultation ($50)

30 minute holistic medical review and Chinese medicine assessment.

Required for new patients.  


Standard Treatment Session ($100)

50 minute treatment session.  Includes herbal consultation and prescription.  (Cost of herbs are separate)

  • Moxibustion, e-stim, trigger point therapy may be applied during session as needed.


Additional Treatments ($50)

We offer additional services as add-on to standard session or on a stand alone basis.  20 min of the following choices:

  • Fire cupping

  • Guasha

  • Tuina with essential oil (neck, shoulders, back)

  • Facial acupuncture

  • Fascia release cupping therapy

  • Moxibustion only

  • Herbal consultation only


Chronic Care Monthly Package ($340/$640/$900)

Book 4/8/12 sessions per month based on scheduling availability and terms(*).  Sessions can be used for acupuncture or additional treatments.  Cost of herbs are separate.  Sessions must be used within 4 consequetive weeks of purchase.

  • Appropriate for patients with chronic lingering symptoms and just getting started with Chinese medicine. Come as recommended per your treatment plan to begin your shift toward better health.  

  • Ideal for various reproductive health issues like hormone balance, infertility and IVF support, mental health, chronic pain, cancer support care and autoimmune issues, etc.

  • 4 session package @ $340 chronic pain conditions that need weekly visit to create shift.

  • 8 session package @ $640 sub-acute symptoms and pain that is best resolved with bi-weekly treatments..

  • 12 session package @ $900 best for severe acute/chronic pain and symptoms, every 2-3 days to consistently extend acupuncture's therapeutic effects.

(*) according to the clinic discretion. Please inquire for details. 


Maintenance Care 5-Session Package ($425)

Buy a package of 5 sessions for @ $85/standard session and use them when you need to.  Additional treatments as add-ons are $30.  Cost of herbs are separate.  

  • This is often recommended to consolidate your progress after the initial period when you have gained the knowledge and shifts from from treatments.

  • Great for preventative health, occasional check-in and rebalancing.   


Herbal Consultation ($50)

30 minute herbal consultation session and prescription.  Cost of herbs are separate.

  • Cost of herbs

    • Patent Herbs $10-20 per bottle

    • Custom Herbal Formula ~$5/10g/day

Let's Work Together

Let Eastern holistic wellness help you find relief from chronic pain, support for chronic symptoms and achieve better mind-body balance.

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